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Here Comes the Choir

June 14, 2010

Yes, yes the choir is myself, Erica, and Robert. Every Monday we set our goals for the week so that each individual day we have goals that need to be met. On most days, we are so engrossed doing our own thing, usually right after our lunch break, that each of us hums a little tune. Erica hums “Little Bitty Pretty One” and I hum “In The Summertime” and Robert gets one or the other stuck in his head. This whole scenario makes Robert crazy because he just repeats the tune over and over at random intervals and following each tune is an unmistakeable “Ughhhhh!”

This second week has been extremely productive. We have heard back from all six colleges that we contacted and they are mostly on board! We are now in the process of putting together packets to send to each SGA to prepare them for our meeting in July. It is exciting to see something you thought up come into being. It makes me so proud! Erica and  I were also entrusted to attend the Homeland Security naturalization ceremony as representatives of League of Women Voters. After the ceremony, we answer any questions the new citizens might have about registering to vote, we help them fill out the form, and provide them with information on where it should be sent. We are now scheduled to attend every Wednesday at 12:30 until the end of our internship!

So after all of our complaining about phonebanking Erica and I called a TON of people this week. We finally have telephones that don’t drop calls and computers that open up call lists!! It’s amazing how much more productive that was for us. We also had the pleasure of meeting Commissioner Roberts and Jeff Doctor this week for breakfast. Actually we met with them and about twenty other people at the Original Pancake House. We invited Commissioner Roberts to speak at our July 24th event and we’re waiting to hear back on that. It was fun to be able to sit down with these important people in such a casual setting as breakfast because you get to know them a lot better.

Charlotte is booming with activity and Erica and I are always finding ourselves doing new things. I am so excited to see what this next week will bring to us!

Alannah– Charlotte


Erica Hilton, Charlotte

June 9, 2010

Erica Hilton, Charlotte

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Erica Hilton is native of Fayetteville, NC. She is the daughter of Dr. Doreen Hilton and Col. Clarence Hilton. In Fayetteville, she attended Reid Ross Classical School where she participated in the Modern Dance Program, the Latin Junior Classical League, and Student Government Association, and was Miss Reid Ross Classical School 2006-2007.
After graduating with honors in 2007, Erica decided to further her education in Charlotte, NC where she is currently a proud “Smithite” at Johnson C. Smith University.

At JCSU, Erica loves participating in organizations such as The Black Ink Monks, Communication Arts Student Association, Community Service Committee, and is currently the SGA Student Body President. After graduation, Erica wants to earn a Masters in Communications concentrating in nonprofit/corporate communications and eventually become the Communications Director for a nonprofit organization and eventually start her own as well.


Alannah Garcia, Charlotte

June 9, 2010

Alannah Garcia, Charlotte

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Alannah Garcia, daughter of Edward and Valerie Garcia, was raised in Cary, North Carolina. The third of four children, she attended Green Hope High School and was a member of the varsity women’s lacrosse team as well as the Green Hope High School marching band.

After graduating with honors, she enrolled in East Carolina University pursuing majors in international studies and cultural anthropology and a minor in Spanish. She continues to play lacrosse for East Carolina and is currently a member of the National Society for Collegiate Scholars. Alannah hopes to attend Georgetown University’s school of Foreign Service to complete her master’s degree in international affairs. Alannah enjoys photography, horseback riding, and spending time with her family.


In the summertime, when the weather is HOT!

June 7, 2010

Well it’s a good thing I’m living on the lake here in Denver outside of Charlotte since this hot weather has been relentless! I moved in on Sunday and had a couple days to soak up the sun before hitting our downtown office in Charlotte.. or is it uptown? I’m all confused on that score. Anyways, Erica and I met Robert at the office to start our first day. We have a really great set up off S. Mint St. but it seemed like nothing could go right on that first day. As we ALL know, phonebanking is a three hour process, two times a week. We were in a room full of computers that had no Microsoft software so we couldn’t open the phonbanking lists on any computer, save one. Not to mention there is no wireless internet so we couldn’t use laptops. Then the phones we were supposed to be using didn’t show up so we had to use our cell phones. This might not sound like a predicament but by the time two hours of phone-talking rolled around, our phones were dying and we had no chargers! At this point the three of us couldn’t help but laugh. Let me just say that if anyone needs state senator Martin Nesbitt’s number or e-mail, I know it by heart.

Erica and I started planning our public event which we have scheduled for July 24th. Our idea is to host a meeting which consists of the Student Government Association (SGA) of Johnson C. Smith University (Of which Erica is the president!), Queens Univeristy, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Johnson and Wales University, Central Piedmont Community College, and Davidson College. The goal is to try to unify these colleges to stabilize a plan for the fall GOTV. We would have our meeting with three or so people from each SGA and then develop a plan for each college to get their students involved whether its by Rides to the Polls, a March to the Polls, etc. At the end of this meeting, we would film a PSA with all the SGA’s of each school using the slogan “Can you hear US now? Vote 2010.” Hopefully, we will succeed in getting some of these colleges together but worst case scenario we will at least gain a little perspective on the community and youth voters. There is still a lot more work to do! We are now preparing to speak on June 17th at the Apartment Association of North Carolina to the Board of Directors there. This is a huge opportunity for me and Erica to gain support and permission to work on GOTV in different rental housing areas; the catch: we have all of seven minutes to make the pitch. Wish us luck!

Alannah– Charlotte


And the Work Begins!

June 7, 2010

And the work begins…!

Democracy Summer is no joke! But don’t get me wrong… it’s fun!

The first day of the internship was ridiculously crazy. We came in at 1pm since it was a phone banking day (which Alannah & were completely dreading!) and we got straight to work (or at least we tried to!). Alannah and I set down with Robert to figure out what was going to be our big event for the summer. After about an hour of brainstorming we came up with an idea that we absolutely love!

The goal is to unify the Charlotte college community to increase the youth voter turnout for the state elections this November. In order to achieve this, we have contacted Student Government Associations at Johnson C. Smith University, Davidson College, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Central Piedmont Community College, Queens University, and Johnson and Wales University. Since I’m the SGA President at JCSU, it’s definitely helped me with contacting the SGA boards.

So the next step that day… phone banking.

I don’t know what was wrong with the computers, but it took forever to pull up our phone list and get a system going. When we felt that we could FINALLY start, Robert accidently unplugged the computers. Imagine our faces! Then when it was time to make the first phone call, Alannah got hung up on! Right then and there we realized that phone banking was not going to be our favorite aspect of this internship!

The rest of the week flew by. Phone banking. One on ones. Planning. Emailing. Phone calls. Research. We’ve been busy, but Alannah and I are truly enjoying it.

My favorite part of the week? Realizing that I’m going in the right direction on this LONG journey to my dreams.

Well last week the work began… And now it continues.

Signing out and until next time!

Much love, peace, & happiness ❤