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A Holy Union

June 16, 2010

Today marks the mid-third week for the Durham Team as we endeavor to make some political waves from the Triangle.  It is a great victory to have the opportunity to take the responsibilities from three separate positions (DemSum Intern, NCCU SGA Political Action Director and Debate Producer) and converge them into one.

Thus far, I’m beginning to adapt to the culture of DemNC, realizing that while VOE is the overall goal, there is and has always been careful attention paid to progressive victories in other arenas.  As we attend meetings at BluePrint NC and other progressive groups, Democracy NC is consistently hailed as the model “C3” for political grassroots progress.  Though, achievements with VOE are in the minority of praises.  This works excellent for the Durham Team, in that we shall continue to work with constituents to get a bill this session in Raleigh that expands Council of State VOE and (hopefully) local election VOE leverage, yet we can also focus on the ’10 Election Season, marrying the civic goals of DemNC with the political action steps at NC Central, in a holy union.

Now that we found the niche to put it all together, this union should last far beyond 9 weeks in the summer…even if the stipends don’t 😉

J. Alan Blackmon


Jabari Blackmon, Durham

June 9, 2010

Jabari Blackmon, Durham

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Jabari Blackmon is a rising senior at North Carolina Central University, where he is a candidate for the Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. At N.C. Central, Blackmon is a University Honors Student and serves as the Senior Political Correspondent for the Campus Echo Newspaper.

Blackmon – originally from Ohio – grew up in Durham, attended Neal Middle School, Durham School of the Arts and graduated from Southern High School in 2005.

An avid politico, Blackmon interned for Congressman David E. Price (NC-04) on Capitol Hill and also for the Congressman’s reelection campaign in 2008. He is also a former staff member in the office of N.C. House Member Representative Larry D. Hall (D-29) in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Additionally, Blackmon is an active member of the Democratic Party, having served as the National Vice President of the Black Caucus for the College Democrats of America from 2008-2009.


Brian’s Verbal Diarrhea

June 26, 2009

CapMorganIt happens to all of us eventually…  a slip of the tongue, a mixing up of one or two letters, a brief lapse of concentration and out it comes… a parapraxis (the dreaded Freudian slip)!

This week, while explaining how Voter Owned Elections will work in the town’s local races, Brian told our Chapel Hill Town Hall audience (as well as ALL of the folks watching on TV from home) that, “Once a candidates collects a minimum number qualifying contributions, he or she will get the runs for the rest of their campaign.” Um, yeah, Brian. If that doesn’t convince candidates to opt into the program, nothing will!

Obviously, Brian mean to say “funds” but also had the word “run,” as in “run for office” in his mind and out came the… well, you get it.

This slip caught me so off guard that I laughed out loud, perhaps the greatest compromise of my professionalism since the staff holiday party. I’m just EXTREMELY glad Jonathan wasn’t with us in Chapel Hill that night, because it would have been “That’s the WORST!” all over again!

Several people in the audience struggled (and failed) to suppress their giggles,  including one older woman who almost fell out of her seat trying to hold back a cackle. Way to connect with the older generation, Brian!

Luckily, Brian recovered quickly, despite his own chuckle at his mistake, and went on to give a great presentation.

Durham team: Thanks for another GREAT week!


Good Sports!

June 23, 2009

BrianandballparkLowRezDespite several weeks of phone banking, night time presentations, weekend work and long hours — plus a long weekend of Wellstone Training ahead —  Brian, Christina (both with the Durham Dem Summer team) and Katy (Greenville Team) all showed with friends to join us for the benefit baseball game on June 18th. Dem NC staffers and supporters joined them, along with the folks from the Coalition for Southern Justice who had organized the event to raise money to pay for scholarships to Wellstone Training. The night was HOT, the game was irrelevant and the company grand. Before the game, there was a Happy Hour and reception at the West End Wine Bar on Main Street and the joint was PACKED with people who were chilling in the air condtioning before wading out into the hot and muggy Carolina night. Baseball is almost an anachronism to a generation used to nonstop movement and the instant joys of technology, but it retains its beauty and there’s a lot to be said for sitting for a few hours, no multi-tasking possible, and simply taking a deep breath. Many thanks to those of you who participated and helped raise money for the cause!