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June 9, 2009

Well, I tell you, this week has been extremely hard on all of us (especially Shae and I, because we are the interns). I truly believe that our office is cursed, it looks descent when you are there for a couple of minutes. Soon after the internet goes out and does not want to come back on. The cell phone reception works fine one minute, then the next it just goes out. This week has been truly trying my patience and has shown me that I need to be more patient and understanding in life.

See at first the internet worked fine, we had to share an ethernet directed to the router, but we actually got things done. Then the next day Johnathan brings in two wireless routers, neither of them work so he goes to Target to get a new router. I told Johnthan to buy a Netgear router, because I have first hand experience to them working great. He buys the cheapest one, a Belkin. We run the Belkin model and it works, up until the end of the day when it keeps kicking one of the three of us off. So we go and buy another router Linksys, and this one does not work either. This just further backs up my idea that the office is CURSED!!!!

Right now as I speak, Shae and I are sitting in Panera bread stealing their wireless connection. Why is it that we’re doing this you ask? It’s because that whole tower for the AT&T tower is down, and no one in that office building has internet.

Then there are the phones……