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A Holy Union

June 16, 2010

Today marks the mid-third week for the Durham Team as we endeavor to make some political waves from the Triangle.  It is a great victory to have the opportunity to take the responsibilities from three separate positions (DemSum Intern, NCCU SGA Political Action Director and Debate Producer) and converge them into one.

Thus far, I’m beginning to adapt to the culture of DemNC, realizing that while VOE is the overall goal, there is and has always been careful attention paid to progressive victories in other arenas.  As we attend meetings at BluePrint NC and other progressive groups, Democracy NC is consistently hailed as the model “C3” for political grassroots progress.  Though, achievements with VOE are in the minority of praises.  This works excellent for the Durham Team, in that we shall continue to work with constituents to get a bill this session in Raleigh that expands Council of State VOE and (hopefully) local election VOE leverage, yet we can also focus on the ’10 Election Season, marrying the civic goals of DemNC with the political action steps at NC Central, in a holy union.

Now that we found the niche to put it all together, this union should last far beyond 9 weeks in the summer…even if the stipends don’t 😉

J. Alan Blackmon


Greenville 1st Week

June 9, 2010

The first week of Dem NC for Pitt County was very interesting. We are very fortunate to have Shaunee as our field organizer. She is awesome at what she does. Tuesday started off with us finding our office and immediately starting to plan how to decorate. We brought in plants (affectionately named Clementine & Fern) , posters, office supplies and of course snacks. Our first day on the job also meant our first day of phone banking, which went pretty good. I had a couples of mistake one including Shaunee and I having a moment of confusion and I ended up hanging up on a voicemail. I called them back though. Throughout the week we had many one-on-ones with very interesting citizens. We met Ms. Pat Seibert in Washington on the waterfront. With a storm fast approaching we decided against good judgment to sit out by the water and meet.  And sure enough one by one then hundreds by hundreds by hundreds the raindrops came. We rushed to a nearby café where we were soaked some more until decided to go in and have lunch. Ms. Pat is a Dem NC Board Secretary and a committed activist in Washington NC. She fittingly was wearing a “Stop bitching and Start a Revolution” t-shirt, right away I knew we would all get along great. We spoke of her past in activism and organizing in Eastern NC. Ms. Seibert also gave us advice about Lobby Day and how to interact with our lovely legislators. She was a great person to meet and had much wisdom to share. Also last week we meet Mr. John Comer, a representative of People of Faith against the Death Penalty, he was advocating reducing the death penalty and eventually doing away with it all together. We had a “heated” conversation outside about the conditions and the way politics is affecting the minority citizens here. It wasn’t exactly “heated” it was just 98.9 degrees outside and we, excluding Shaunee, were literally melting under the sun. But overall it was a very good meeting and we made a promising contact. We also met Pastor Coles who is heavily involved in the Greenville community, his organization Church Outreach Network deals with homelessness and resolving issues plaguing Pitt County by  reaching citizens through the help of Christ.

Overall the first week was a great start to the summer. We are still just as busy this week and enjoying each other’s company along the way     

                            Go Dem NC Summer 2010! Greenville Team Rocks!



1/3 of Greenville Dem NC Summer 2010   


And the Work Begins!

June 7, 2010

And the work begins…!

Democracy Summer is no joke! But don’t get me wrong… it’s fun!

The first day of the internship was ridiculously crazy. We came in at 1pm since it was a phone banking day (which Alannah & were completely dreading!) and we got straight to work (or at least we tried to!). Alannah and I set down with Robert to figure out what was going to be our big event for the summer. After about an hour of brainstorming we came up with an idea that we absolutely love!

The goal is to unify the Charlotte college community to increase the youth voter turnout for the state elections this November. In order to achieve this, we have contacted Student Government Associations at Johnson C. Smith University, Davidson College, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Central Piedmont Community College, Queens University, and Johnson and Wales University. Since I’m the SGA President at JCSU, it’s definitely helped me with contacting the SGA boards.

So the next step that day… phone banking.

I don’t know what was wrong with the computers, but it took forever to pull up our phone list and get a system going. When we felt that we could FINALLY start, Robert accidently unplugged the computers. Imagine our faces! Then when it was time to make the first phone call, Alannah got hung up on! Right then and there we realized that phone banking was not going to be our favorite aspect of this internship!

The rest of the week flew by. Phone banking. One on ones. Planning. Emailing. Phone calls. Research. We’ve been busy, but Alannah and I are truly enjoying it.

My favorite part of the week? Realizing that I’m going in the right direction on this LONG journey to my dreams.

Well last week the work began… And now it continues.

Signing out and until next time!

Much love, peace, & happiness ❤